Our History

Barry & Toni Mardi Gras Day 2013

The Wild Cocktailians Social Aid and Spirits Club was started as a private Facebook page a few years ago by Barry and Toni McCormick as an attempt to initiate a group of likeminded friends and colleagues to share ideas, recipes, events, food, cocktails, photos, etc. We encouraged members to participate with posts sharing their experiences, reviews, recipes or anything else pertinent to enhancing the social life.
In order to cast a wider net we made our fb page public, and then took the huge leap of faith by turning our lifestyle hobby into a business blog!
The Wild Cocktailians motif is a riff on the New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian traditions, parades, costumes, marching groups and of course all things alcoholic which we are fascinated with and so fond of. Our desire & goal is for the website to provide us with a broader exposure in spreading this cocktail culture and lifestyle we embrace.