A Bitters Blog

With the bewildering array of bitters available these days (and costs) what’s a Wild Cocktailian do?  Well the peeps at PUNCHDRINK have an illuminating article–and backs up some of the cocktail goddesses’ preferences!

The WC tend to favor these along with Bittermens Elemakule Tiki bitters, Mole bitters and DashFire Bay leaf bitters. We even use them in cooking. The kitchen witch uses the Bay bitters in her marinated mushrooms and artichoke dishes. El Guapo bitters are another favorite of ours!   Its a local New Orleans company we do our best to support.

PunchDrink, Liquor.com & Imbibe are the “holy trinity” of all things spirits, cocktails and wine that we have an ahem, spiritual reverence for!  Check ’em all out–its where we get our inspiration to hopefully one day be part of the “big dogs”!!!!!