Hitting the Pensacola Shop Trail!

We have a shopping routine whenever we visit Pensacola. The Bodacious Family for olive oil, Joe Patti for seafood, Bambooze for liquor and Bailey’s Produce. We save Joe Patti’s and Bailey’s as we’re heading back to New Orleans (sob). We typically make at least one stop at Bambooze for hard-to-find or unusual spirits. Tucked away in a modest strip mall on N. Davis Highway, the store is visiting. The location is just down the road from Bailey’s Produce and Nursery.  Bailey’s has the best fresh produce—especially when Silver King or Queen Corn, tomatoes and peaches are at their peak!
Owner Steve Loveless (lovely and personable) aims to provide fine wines and craft cocktail spirits for both the burgeoning cocktail scene and developed palates as well as for peeps wanting wallet friendly products. His prices are competitive and his selection expansive!   I’m always on the hunt for best liquor deals and Bambooze fits my bill! I stock up on Ancho Reyes there as its $35 compared to $40 or higher in N.O. region.
Florida distributors offer products that aren’t available in New Orleans too. We stock up on Florida Reserve Rum, Brinley’s Shipwreck Coconut Rum, 1.75 liter of Brugal Anejo, and the latest Selvarey Cacao infused rum from Panama. Great prices on the Milagro Reposado Tequila too! And Bambooze always seems to have a new orange liqueur or Giffard product.
One of my favorite eye (and taste bud) candy store is the Bodacious Olive!
I love their olive oils! And the table top décor and cooking utensils are wonderful.
SO MANY CHOICES for both oils and vinegars! Of course I had to take full advantage of their recent special buy four get one free! The Green Limonato is my favorite these days—although I almost swooned when I tasted the Blood Orange! The Herbs Provence & Tuscan oils are staples in the pantry. I hope they bring back the Tarragon Oil and Vinegar—the vinegar is incredible!
Joe Patti’s is a jumping and popular place to purchase seafood of all sorts! We’ve shopped there for about 18 years now. BAmWhile some items aren’t the deal they were a few years ago (lobster & Alaskan King Crab Legs) their fish and other items can’t be beat in either selection or price! Where else are you going to find fresh caught Scamp fish or the ever elusive Royal Red Shrimp (headless 6-9 count for $7.00 a pound)!! WHOLE Pompano fish filleted any way you want! And one of these days I’m going to bring back Cedar Key clams for a shell fish Bouillabaisse! I can’t wait for our next trip—which I hope is soon!