Khon’s Charismatic Cocktails and Sushi

Pensacola, Palafox street. downtown
visual from Pensacola Visitor’s Bureau

While we adore  all things Union Public House, one of our most pleasurable activities is strolling along Palafox Street and checking out all the restaurants, bars and galleries. Palafox is downtown Pensacola’s burgeoning food, drink and music scene. The area is redolent with balconies that boast ironwork and architecture much like New Orleans—on a more petite and cleaner style.

decor, zen, sea, kohn's,palafox street, pensacola
décor merges Zen and sea motifs brilliantly

Khon’s is another perennial favorite of ours. Located on Palafox–just a short walk from our hotel–the restaurant boasts authentic Southeastern Asian cuisine and it does not disappoint!
I don’t know who devised the décor but its brilliant! The owners’ Dot and Winston Evans acknowledged it was done on a tight budget. Understated design elements evocative of both Asian and Sea influences  are peppered around the restaurant to bring a cohesive whole to the place. It’s a very cool place in all!
A standard for the Wild Cocktailians are menu inclusions of innovative and delicious cocktails. Khon’s checks that box and then some. We love sake and tend to gravitate towards sake concoctions containing gin, rum, and tequila!

speciality cocktail
Kysushu Gimlet

Khon’s rotates its cocktail menu; sadly a favorite of ours the “Shisho Zen” was not available. We consoled ourselves with the Kyushu Gimlet which our waiter Jason guaranteed would be as good as the Shisho (and they were–full disclosure it was three of them, but hey it was happy hour)! The gimlet was a nice departure from the too often citrus forward gimlets.

We started off with some different sushi rolls. We had Shrimp Tempura, Alyxandria and Blue Angel. What impressed us was the obvious freshness of the seafood—all three had distinctive flavors. Too often sushi all tastes the same. We also loved that the rolls were the perfect 1 bite size—easy to eat for us chopsticks’ challenged folks. In fact, it was easy to use the sticks picking up the rolls!

Not quite satiated we decided to switch to a hot appetizer—and Khon’s has a respectable small plate menu making it difficult to decide. In the end we were swayed by the fresh ingredients for the Pork Spring Rolls.

We thought we were full—until Jason brought us the dessert menu. Normally we’re not tempted by Asian desserts—they tend to be the ubiquitous fried wonton something. Nothing so pedestrian at Khon’s! I do recall seeing some unusual items, but once we laid eyes—and taste buds—on the Vietnamese Coffee Pudding—made from scratch in house we were doomed! That was one delicious dessert! It was hybrid between a pudding and a mousse—with bits of chocolate throughout giving the dish some pleasant texture. We were so stoked about the dessert we forgot to take photos!