The WC cocktail of choice for Lundi Gras 2018

Since Lundi Gras weather was cold and damp, Priscilla (aka cocktail goddess)finally made a Spanish Coffeefollowing Imbibe’s recipeThe drink hit the spot w/o too much of a booze buzz since it wasn’t even noon yet–we try to adhere to the mantra Carnival is a marathon not a sprint! The Krewe of Dead Beans marched on Bayou St. John at 2pm  

Krewe of Dead Beans 2018
Lundi Gras 2018 Dead Beans Krewe member

(LOVE that Krewes march in our hood) with many neighbors and friends in tow.  Once we bid adieu to the Dead Beans we headed back home to refuel.  Wonderful scents from the King Cake Galette des Rois the kitchen witch (aka Priscilla or cocktail goddess) made earlier wafted through the house. Friend and chef Mark Stanley loves to say its the

Galette des Rois, traditional King Cake and Spanish Coffee cocktail-
Spanish Coffee & Galette des Roi traditional King Cake

The King of cakes and the cake of Kings“.  For inquiring minds, THIS time I used David Lebovitz’s recipe.  Design is STILL a work in progress!!!!  The little blue cacao pod is actually a luscious chocolate concoction from Piety and Desire Chocolatier.  So are the mini king cakes. Their fb page is more informative than the website–which I empathize with as we struggle w our blog.

Spanish Coffee Recipe (Imbibe)

3/4 oz. 151-proof rum (we used Hamilton 151 Overproof Demerara River)
1/2 oz. triple sec (we used Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao
2 oz. coffee liqueur (we used Leopold Bros. Frenchpress style)
3 oz. fresh-brewed coffee
Tools: Safety flame lighter
Glass: sugar-rimmed red wine or Irish coffee glass (make sure it’s tempered)
Garnish: lightly whipped cream and ground nutmeg

  1. Use a lemon or lime & coat a heavy wine or Irish Coffee glass
  2. Dip in sugar to create a rim
  3. Add rum & Curacao to glass and ignite to produce flame
  4. Add coffee liqueur (may continue to burn)
  5. Add coffee & garnish w whipped cream and nutmeg